By terriblepalsy

The latest disability blog carnival is on what professionals should know about disability.

Well, my personal view is that they should know a lot.

Here is my top ten points (Letterman style):-

10. A person has a condition, not is the condition. Moo doesn’t have special needs, he has additional needs.

9. My time is just as important as your time. I don’t have all day to sit around and wait for you. Just because Moo has a disability, does not mean that we do not have a life.

8. My son doesn’t have to like you. Chances are, he won’t or he doesn’t. That’s okay, cause neither do I.

7. If you speak slowly and in a loud voice to Moo, chances are that he will speak slowly and in a loud voice back.

6. An appointment with Moo every six months for 5 minutes does not make you an expert on Moo’s body.

5. I don’t have a medical degree.

4. Just because you say that Moo won’t do things, doesn’t mean that he won’t. Doctors/health professionals can be wrong.

3. Therapy is not the most important thing in our lives.

2. Walking is over-rated.

1. You charge too much.

Activevoice1 has some more to add to my list – you can find her list here.


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5 responses to “Ten

  1. pennylrichards

    Spectacular, especially #9.

  2. I laughed out loud at number 1. Soooo…..true

  3. Pen

    Yes, number 9 is most certainly true. They never quite appreciate that it is often the way they treat us that disrupts our life, rather than the ‘disability’.

    Dealing with the things that the medical condition brings are sort of normal – dealing with doctors is never normal.

    Having read lots of carnival posts today, though, I am grateful to nearly all of our therapists and non-doctor health types for being considerate, respectful, fun and generally human-like. Some of the doctors, though, should be made to sit with us for three days during the crying, recriminations and trauma of decision making that their off the cuff comments can cause. I bet then they wouldn’t completely forget what they’d said the next time.

  4. I laughted out loud at #7 and #8!

  5. Love the list! Thanks for starting this site. I’ll link to it immediately.

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