Ten +

By Activevoice1

Perhaps one gets even more direct 10+ years into “the journey”. Can you tell we don’t see medical professionals too often?

  1. You have a medical degree and you try to assess parts of my son’s body for 5 minutes once per year. I have a masters degree and 12 years x 24/7 experience with all the effects of my son’s brain injury. You need to listen to me as much as I will listen to you.
  2. I ask lots of questions. That’s how I learn. Don’t get defensive. Take the time to provide informed answers. I appreciate your informed input. I don’t expect you to have detailed knowledge of every therapy. Feel free to withold your uninformed opinion.
  3. I will take your opinion – and the opinions of others – into account when I try to decide the best all-round option for my son. His happiness is more important to me than the length of his Achilles tendons.
  4. I know there is no empirical research demonstrating the efficacy of this or that “alternative” therapy but my son doesn’t have the time to wait for someone to do the research. In the meantime I must go with my instinct based on anecdotal research. Yes it may be a waste of money, but I won’t know until I try
  5. And by the way, it is my money, not yours or the government’s. I will decide how to spend it to best serve my son’s interests. Your opinion on how to spend my money is not required.


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