Living life by Wheelyfast

This is my first post on equal not special. I have been nervous about posting because the other writers write so much more eloquently than I do but a recent comment by a friend (who was no doubt well meaning) has me inspired to write. First a little background for those readers who don’t know me- I am currently completing my second semester of law school via off campus study (I study at home) and I also attend the local TAFE one day a week. I have numerous health issues as well. The friend said “I admire you for all that you do. I couldn’t do it if I were like you”.

At the time I responded that my friend would be surprised what she could do given the opportunity. Reflection though had me wondering exactly what my friend meant by if she were “like me”? Did she mean someone who studies 40+ hours a week and crams in multiple medical appoints plus time with family and friends? I would like to think so, as this would mean she sees me as an equal but somehow I think she meant that as a wheelchair user I am something special because of what I do. I don’t see it that way- to me I’m just living my live the only way I know how- full speed ahead reaching for my dreams, just like everyone else.



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2 responses to “Living life by Wheelyfast

  1. activevoice1

    Sometimes you can over-analyse. Assume your friend was well meaning. You sound like you manage your busy life well, maybe your friend is not your equal in terms of time management or reaching for the stars.

  2. Your post is good. Keep on blogging and it will mature.

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