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My friend Emma has come up with the great idea of a CP blog roll. It should be a great way of linking those of us who either have CP or are a parent/carer of someone with CP. Hopefully it will become a great resource too. If you have a blog or website and fit the above description please go to http://wheelchairprincess.com/blog/ and leave a comment with your blog details and a short description of your blog if you wish.


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  1. Glee

    Karen would you please start your own blog. We need to be able to find your words easily and not through someone else’s blog.

    I am Australian, live in Adelaide, am 52, have spinal muscular atrophy, use a power chair and live on my own without a “carer”. I am an old disability activist and quite frankly getting worn out with the job (unpaid of course). Us oldies need young crips like you to take up the work.

    We may have some accessible toilets and carparks etc but we still have a long way to go. The Disability Discrimination Act is a toothless tiger which depends on us to “claim” our rights. This entails making a complaint to HREOC and going thru a long process to find a resolution. It is exhausting and marginally effective to say the least.

    Also we need to shout long and loud to the Governments (state and federal) who are so stingy with meeting our basic needs for equity. So we need young ones to start moving up and take up the fight.

    It’s a shame it’s a fight but there it is.

    My blog is http://gleecrip.blogspot.com/ . It has been languishing a bit lately even tho it is only new. I spend too much time reading and commenting on other ppls blogs. But I am determined to get back to it.

    cheers and hugs to all in the fight for equity.


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