By Terrible Palsy.  Cross posted at terriblepalsy.

In our local paper there is a column called “Chatroom”.  It seems its purpose is for people to send SMS messages and they get published, kinda like letters to the editor without the correct spelling.

I don’t often read the column because I get a bit shocked as to the aggression and rudeness of the messages.  Lately, they have been all type of abusive messages about disabled and parents with prams car spaces.  Like this:-

All the sooking about the pram spaces.  What about the disabled spaces.  How many do they need.  A lot more mums go shopping each day than disabled people.”


To P..d off mum.  You would not have to struggle with babies etc etc if you stayed where you belong.  Chained to the kitchen sink.  So instead of moaning about parking as you flutter from dress shop to cafe to shoe shop, do something productive and iron your hubby’s socks and hankies.”

Makes me feel so safe and secure about the world Moo is growing up in.  Is it just me or are people getting less and less empathetic?


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