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Why do I get it now?

By jodidevine

I had to go into work yesterday for an executive meeting before we return to school (primary) on Tuesday. We were planning the term and the year. We started to discuss a state-wide computer test which is to be run this year. This computer test has not been run for a couple of years. Rumour has it, according to a colleague, that the test was stopped due to the fact that one mother complained.

Now my response prior to having Tom would have been, “Oh! What about now?” Please don’t take that personally, as the response would have been contained within my head, or at the very least, the four walls of which I resided.

This time I had no response. I waited and listened. “Apparently the mother complained because her child was blind and was unable to do the test and it would not be fair.” I cringed. I hoped that the three people in the room did not groan. They didn’t. But it made me think.

Yes it is not fair.

But for the department to stop the test is absurd. Have they not heard about making the “test fit the child” as opposed to the “child fitting the test.”

Whilst this reason may not be accurate, and I know there were many complaints about the test in itself, it provoked a lot of thought from me. And I get it. I get it now. I just hope I don’t get it because of Thomas’s disability. Because if that is the case, I am wondering if I have done a dis-service to students who I have taught prior to experiencing life with Thomas and all his issues.

I hope not.

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