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cp blog roll

My friend Emma has come up with the great idea of a CP blog roll. It should be a great way of linking those of us who either have CP or are a parent/carer of someone with CP. Hopefully it will become a great resource too. If you have a blog or website and fit the above description please go to and leave a comment with your blog details and a short description of your blog if you wish.

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Greatful for what I have

This post was written in response to a comment that I should be grateful for what I have and not whine about having different abilities.

I am lucky and blessed in so many ways. Compared to most people I know I am relatively unaffected by the CP. Sure, I use a wheelchair to get around and have difficulty with fine motor tasks and there are times when I cannot transfer by myself but there is so much that I can do and this has given me opportunities that many people with CP don’t have. I can communicate and function without a lot of physical support (I can feed myself and take myself to the toilet as long as it is set up with rails etc). I understand that I am lucky in these ways and I think I show that by not complaining about the things that I cant do yet society seems to be set on reminding me of this fact at every chance it can.

Take the other day for example. I had travelled into a nearby city. I had some shopping to do so we hit the shops for a couple of hours and in that time I had no less than 11 people tell me I was lucky because of something in relation to my different abilities (I don’t like the word disability). Your so lucky to have that wheelchair was a common comment. I wish I had one was another. I’m not quite sure why people think it is so great to have a wheelchair, mostly I think they were tired of walking around the shops, but I just wish they would be careful what they wish for: it might just happen to them one day. I guess if this happened to some of the more influential people (a politician for example) that have made similar comments to me then it could be a good thing because I bet that services for people with different abilities would be greatly improved if those people who control such services needed them. Am I being selfish to think this way? I hope not for I am truly grateful that I have had the opportunities I have had- I just want to ensure that I have more in the future and that future generations do as well.


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Disability Fiction

In recent weeks I have been searching for books with a character that has Cerebral Palsy in them. I could find plenty of non fiction but no fiction. I have two questions for readers of this page?

1. Do you know of any fiction with character that have CP?

2. If I were to write something would you be interested in reading it?

Please leave a comment with your answers


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Living life by Wheelyfast

This is my first post on equal not special. I have been nervous about posting because the other writers write so much more eloquently than I do but a recent comment by a friend (who was no doubt well meaning) has me inspired to write. First a little background for those readers who don’t know me- I am currently completing my second semester of law school via off campus study (I study at home) and I also attend the local TAFE one day a week. I have numerous health issues as well. The friend said “I admire you for all that you do. I couldn’t do it if I were like you”.

At the time I responded that my friend would be surprised what she could do given the opportunity. Reflection though had me wondering exactly what my friend meant by if she were “like me”? Did she mean someone who studies 40+ hours a week and crams in multiple medical appoints plus time with family and friends? I would like to think so, as this would mean she sees me as an equal but somehow I think she meant that as a wheelchair user I am something special because of what I do. I don’t see it that way- to me I’m just living my live the only way I know how- full speed ahead reaching for my dreams, just like everyone else.


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